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Sync calendar using exported .ics on FMServer

Question asked by cristian.stanimir on Sep 25, 2018

Hi guys,


Need an idea on how this thing is possible or even if it is possible.

So I have a FM Server 17 up and running with a FM solution that has the option to export a calendar file .ics that you can use to add it to your outlook calendar or whatever in order to sync your FM appointments with your calendar. This works on WebDirect, and using a standalone install.


I was wondering could it be possible to set up the file export to a temp location on the server and then have a software or something like that check that location and if new file found import it into a calendar that all the users have access to it. The kind of appointments being exported from FM to .ics file are general meeting ones. Using the system that is now in place each user has to log in, download the .ics file and import in into his / hers outlook. I want to subscribe them to a calendar and have the events / appointments show up everytime one is added into the FM System.


Thank you for any ideas you may have on this subject. I will post the final solution if I find any