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Why does Our Windows Form App hang open inside the Filemaker Executable?

Question asked by sgwilliams on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by wimdecorte

We have noticed a problem with FileMaker 15 and also recently now, since our upgrade, Filemaker 17.  We developed a Windows form application called Open-A-Print or OAP. This was done using the Microsoft Visual Studio in the C# coding language. The OAP application opens our component and assembly drawings in the pdf format for viewing, printing, emailing and creating ECO(Engineering Change Orders).


We have developed an ERP system using Filemaker. Our Inventory department uses the Filemaker ERP to Inventory our parts and assemblies. When we look up a part in Filemaker ERP it will open a record and show us lots of cool data that we can use in our daily workflow. One of the features that were created in Filemaker ERP is the ability to look up a part/assembly, and once the record is displayed there is a button to open the drawing of the part /assembly with OAP. The executable is COAP.exe. The COAP.exe uses command line arguments to translate the required part number to the executable.


So here is the problem we are having. As the day progresses and our inventory worker has opened 100 parts/assembly drawings the workstation starts slowing down and I get a phone call. I look at the windows task manager to figure out what is causing the lag and see that the Task Name "Carter Open-A-Print" is open by itself as a node and also is running in the Filemaker treeview as a sub-node. and the CPU is at 23%. I have attached a photo of this. This was was before we switched from FM2015 to FM2017. So we thought maybe the new version would correct this issue but it did not.


I have also attached a couple photos of how we have this coded in FM2017 as well. Now, this doesn't happen to most users, we feel this has something to do with the volume of drawings that the inventory worker opens during the day which could be upwards of a couple hundred. Most users may open 25 drawings at most during the day and have never mentioned having this issue.


Any help or insight on a solution for this would be greatly appreciated.