FMS 17 Installation- Easiest Install Ever!

Discussion created by tcwaters on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by wimdecorte

I just upgraded our v16 FMS servers to v17, and it was the smoothest, easiest install I've ever done.  I was fairly worried with all the changes to the admin console, but nothing to worry about, everything went perfectly. 


  • I reviewed the white paper about changes to the admin console, and made a simple chart of the features I needed, and how to enable or configure them.  FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console
  • I played around with some of the Admin API databases that smarter developers have made available. These are such a great resource.
  • I made a to do list to follow for my process, and then followed it.


I was concerned about importing my SSL Certificate.  This hasn't gone smoothly in the past (v15 and v16) but it went perfectly!  Was amazing.


The change to the way you connect a worker box to the master box was really great too.


I do wish there was a one-stop place to do everything admin.  Needing to use the Admin API for somethings or the CLI, and the admin console for others is a bit odd, but the resources available make this pretty painless. Thanks everyone!


My other comment is in the Admin Console, in the "Configuration: Folders" tab area.  The Container Data folder setting is a little hidden.  The subheading above it is "Additional Database Folder" and the container data folder really isn't that, so I didn't see it at first.  A subheading of "Container Folders" or "Additional Data Folders"  above those options would make that a bit easier to see.


I'm a happy FileMaker 17  Server use. :-)