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Question asked by michaelkirwan on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by michaelkirwan

Hi All, I hope you can help me..

I have 2 tables.

The first table is Contacts with 3 fields, ID, Name and Category. (The categories are, Customer, Architect and Builder)

The second table is Estimates with 3 fields,  Customer_ID_fk., Architict_ID_fk. and Builder_ID_fk.

From the Estimates table, when I select one of the ID_fk fields, I need to have a dropdown list of related contacts that have the appropriate category.

E.g.  When I select the Architict_ID_fk field, I would like to see a dropdown of contacts that have Architect as their category.

I have tried using the “get related values starting from…..” but I just can’t get it work.

Can anyone guide me please?


I have attached a demo file for reference..