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Return to portal row without using Go To Portal Row

Question asked by WF7A on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by badmonkey842

Greets, all:


I have a portal (that's set to auto-sort) and after a new value is entered, a couple of scripts fire that do their thing and takes the focus away from the portal. However, with the additional record that's added to the portal, the original child record's record doesn't end up back in the same portal row number as before because of the portal's auto-sorting so even if I were to create a variable with the portal row number before those scripts fire, it won't do any good after the return to the portal since the stored value won't be the same.




Before the scripts fire: focus is on Portal Row 3


Apple (portal row 1)

Brownie (portal row 2)

Carrot (portal row 3)

Craisin (portal row 4, etc.)


Added record, scripts fire, then to same portal






Craisin as you can see, with the addition of Banana it causes Carrot to change from Portal Row 3 to Portal Row 4.


Is there way to capture the field's value--or maybe its UUID--instead of its portal row number, so when returning to the layout, a script would return the focus back to the original value (Carrot)?


TIA for your help!