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Can you use GetSummary on two break fields

Question asked by tbcomputerguy on Sep 27, 2018
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'I edited this to explain a bit more clearly'..I am currently working on a log hauling database that we use to record the qty in tonnes or m³ for truck drivers.  Each load is recorded by licence plate, date of load, block, destination etc.  Data table (hauling5.png). Each destination/block may have a different rate meaning during a two week period the driver may deliver from a different spot and still deliver to the same mill but resulting in a different hauling rate (highlighted in hauling5.png).  Currently I have this working without any hiccups until now.  At each pay we create hauler pay sheets, again no hitch.  Then we create a reconciliation of the pays to the drivers as well as break down how much was delivered to each destination, this being done in excel. (Hauling2.png).  I have been trying to create this report in filemaker only getting half way...the driver pays at the bottom.(Hauling3.png).  We create these reconciliations separate from the loads...therefore i am trying to do that in filemaker using a separate table as the base table, like a reporting table.  I would select the period for the reconciliation and portals are filled accordingly.  My TO's are in the third image (hauling1.png).  Now I can produce the report in a subsummary report as  (Hauling4.png).  I am trying to reproduce the report on  reconciliation using a portal with summary fields. As you can see in (Hauling5.png) there are two different rates going to 'BARWICK'.  in the report the rates / results are correct for each mill/block.  I was thinking about using GetSummary but the problem is there are two break fields, destination_id and Block which are used to create (hauling4.png). I know it is subsummary field in a portal and i have done some reading but can't seem to grasp this for some reason. I hope with the use of diagrams you get the gist of what i am trying to achieve

Thanks in advance