Double Function Scripts

Discussion created by cammot on Sep 28, 2018
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Looking for help on how to create a Single Script that creates Two Functions (hope my termonology is precise !) Let me explain the background and question seperately below, please also see the attached image.  


BACKGROUND: (see image)


I am perfecting a Book Database Layout.  The books on the DB are organized via ‘Yes/No’ fields, that seperates the books into various cataloges, that can be viewed independently on the Layout, by the press of the respective Button as shown on the Top Row (already working perfectly). 




Is it possible ?, to add an additional function to each of these respective ‘scripted‘ Buttons, a second action/function, that would put the Label name (Field Name) on the layout on the spot indicated with ‘drawn red oval with arrow’. 


What script step would I add to each of these Buttons, to have a Title on the Layout showing which catalog is in play at any given time ?.


Many Thanks in Advance.