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Inserting New Records from a list from another table.

Question asked by tolson on Sep 28, 2018
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I'm trying to create a way for people to populate a list of inventory items and am tying my brain in knots.


Essentially what I want is to create a series of records which all have the Job:JobNumber on them as I am entering new records (to avoid continually entering the JobNumber on each record); however, I want to select the JobEquiment:Item# from a separate layout (Pic Inventory) showing the Item Type and Item Name and ItemID from the Equipment table. The Equipment:ItemID would be inserted in the Job Equipment:Item# field when I clicked on the values from this layout. I would love for the Pic Inventory layout to be a series of radio buttons, I'm just not sure how to pass the "clicked" value from JobEquipment:Item# to a new record in Job Equipment.


I know a value list would be easiest, but the "Equipment" Table contains 100 records sorted by type and I want the user to hunt and peck; seeing all the items available at the same time or being able to scroll through a list 20 items (pick a number) at a time is what I want.


This is as clear as the Senate hearings isn't it?