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Set Variable not setting variable...

Question asked by czachariou on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by beverly

OK What am I doing wrong?  I have two unrelated tables.  One is for the data the other internal settings the the Application.  The top of my Import Photos script looks as follows:


Set Error Capture [ On ]
Go to Layout [ “EmployeeID” (EmployeeID) ]
Set Variable [ $$iNoOfRecords; Value:Get(TotalRecordCount) ]
Set Variable [ $$iRecCnt; Value:0 ]
Set Variable [ $$iPhotoImportCnt; Value:0 ]
Set Variable [ $$iPhotoMissingCnt; Value:0 ]
Set Variable [ $$iPhotoExistsCnt; Value:0 ]
Set Variable [ $$sStaffPhotoPath; Value:InternalSettings::StaffPhotoPath ]
Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]
Set Variable [ $$EmpNoFormat; Value:Right ( _Append ( "0" ; InternalSettings::EmpNoLength ; ""); InternalSettings::EmpNoLength) ]
Set Variable [ $sEmpNoFile; Value:Right ($$sEmpNoFormat & EmployeeID::EmpNo; InternalSettings::EmpNoLength ) & InternalSettings::ImageExtention ]
Set Variable [ $sPathAndFile; Value:$sStaffPhotoPath & $sEmpNoFile ]


Ofcourse the script continues.  The two yellow rows have InternalSetting::EmpNoLenth which both return results however the red row which has InternalSettings::StaffPhotoPath gives me unrelated table and it creates a blank for $$sStaffPhotoPath.  It should be returning "imagewin:/D:/.../.../.../.../.../"  which is all my nested folders to where the photo are.  I don't want to relate the table to the other table.  It is just a table I setup to contain App Settings.


Anyone know what I am doing wrong?