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Uninstall of FMS 16 Failed - Uninstaller Disappeared From Windows

Question asked by danjamins on Sep 27, 2018
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Hi all,

EDIT: I haven't found anything on Google yet, but I'm thinking maybe reinstalling FMS 16 will overwrite everything and try uninstalling afterwards. Any thoughts on why this is a terrible idea?


I was trying to make the switch to FMS 17 last night from 16 and for some reason the FileMaker service couldn't be stopped. The installer failed and got hung up, I waited about 30 minutes before finally terminating the process and to my surprise when I restarted the server and was able to stop the service, the program disappears from the uninstall programs list in Windows CP.


Now I am unsure how to move forward with uninstalling without completely wiping the server. I was going to use revo uninstaller to force uninstall it but didn't want to take the risk of it not removing everything completely and causing more severe issues such as not being able to work at all.


Everything seems to be fine as far as the server goes, all the databases and schedules are running and accessible, admin console is available and no issues showing up AFAIK.


Hope someone can point me to a solution for this


Thank you,