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Runtime Solution Help for FMP 15 user

Question asked by spacialrehab on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by beverly

Hi there,


I'm running FMP I'm creating an inventory database of photographs that need to be shared with non-FMP users. This is a one time project so the solution needs to be simple. I was told a few months ago by FMP support that an upgrade to Pro would lead me to "Runtime Solutions" that bundle the database with a simpler FMP application.


My challenge is finding that upgrade for my version as FMB no longer seems to offer it.

My question is once I find the upgrade will it really allow me to create a runtime solution and will converting what I've developed in FMP15 to runtime really work without too much of a headache?


Because I only use FMP occasionally to create inventory for my organizing clients, (I don't run a company with it), I don't want to purchase 17 for over $900 just for one project. The closest I can find to a 15 upgrade is on Wallmart's site. It's out of stock and $300.


So before going through the hassle and spending the money, I want to ask experienced community members their opinion and advice.


Thank you!