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How to request a refund from Orbitera

Question asked by DeanEBedford on Sep 27, 2018
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In our attempts to test a FileMaker Cloud Server implementation, we initiated a FileMaker Cloud (10 users) sold by Orbitera - FileMaker for client testing.  After testing the FileMaker Cloud Server, we took the Server implementation offline.  Unfortunately, we thought this would also close down the associate FileMaker Cloud 10 Client connections initiated for testing.


As the Filemaker developer in the company, I stepped away from the Amazon Console as I no longer need to log in.  Unfortunately, our AWS Console Admin brought it to my attention that we were receiving billing for FileMaker Cloud 10 connections though we no longer had a FileMaker Cloud Server implementation.


I contacted Amazon support to request a refund and they wrote the reply below detailing that I should contact Orbitera - FileMaker directly.


I unfortunately and unable to locate on the Filemaker website where I should address this issue and request a refund.


With that said, can anyone assist me in who I need to speak with or share their similar experiences (mistake)!


Best to all, Dean and the PLANet Systems Group Team


Response from AWS Support



I understand that you company was testing FileMaker Cloud (10 users) and determined that it would not work for you needs. The instance was shutdown but, but another one was launched by mistake causing additional billing in June, July, and August. I do apologize for any frustrations that this unexpected billing has caused, and I will do everything I can to help.


With regards to the AWS Marketplace, it is a billing platform that 3rd party Sellers such as Orbitera can use to sell their software to work with AWS. All AWS Marketplace software charges are paid directly to the Seller of the product, and refunds must be sought from the Seller directly. AWS can only refund Marketplace charges upon receiving approval from the Seller.


If the Marketplace Seller approves a refund, a form will be submitted directly from the Marketplace Seller to AWS. Once AWS receives this refund form, we will process the refund with the Marketplace Seller’s consent. Please note that refunds of Marketplace charges are at the discretion of the Seller.


To request a refund from the Marketplace Seller for software-related charges, you can contact them here:


Please provide the information below for the Seller,


1. AWS Account number:

2. The billing period(s) for requested refund(s):


Again I do apologize for any frustrations that this has caused, but I hope this information helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Best Regards