Performance question on related records

Discussion created by siplus on Sep 28, 2018
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In a solution hosted on FMS and used on local LAN there is an invoice table and a line items table.

Users are browsing through invoices, looking at line items and at the invoice total.


In line items we have a linePrice value and a summary, linePriceTotal.


There is ofc a relationship, invoice_lineItems that sends the line items and also delivers the invoice total via invoiceLineItems::linePriceTotal.


Here is my question:


Would the browsing be faster by defining a second relationship, invoiceLineItemsForTotals, identical to the already existing one, and by separating the job in 2 different tasks (maybe the server can run them in parallel ?)


- give line items via Relationship 1

- give the total via Relationship 2


the idea is extensible, adding another Relationship to calcutate VAT etc.


Any ideas ?