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Recommended Hardware Upgrade For Filemaker 14 Server

Question asked by Anthony_1 on Sep 28, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


As a hobby I run a Dungeons and Dragons gaming community where people's character sheet information are stored on Filemaker Server 14 which I have employed since its release back in 2013/2014.  It has been great and has changed the dynamic of D&D gaming to aid the gameplay in a positive way.


The tech specs that Filemaker Server 14 is running on are the following:


MacMini 2011, identified as 5,1

Intel Core i5 two cores

16GB of Memory

500 GB regular hard drive running at 5,400 rpm

Running Yosemite 10.10 updated to the latest version

Filemaker 14 version is up to date running at

Database Folder containing the files on the Server is about 48GB in size

There are 114 files that the server is hosting. 90% of them are individual character records while the other 10% are the smaller databases that each character record is linked too for lookup purposes.

Filemaker Server is hooked up to the network via ethernet but clients ( players ) access their record through Wifi at 5Ghz

There are over 70 people that use the database but no more than 10 people connect at anyone time to access their character sheets.

Filemaker Server Memory Allocated is 5 GB of the 16 GB of RAM


The system has been working fine with no real issues for the past 5 years.  Filemaker server has been reliable.


The problem in the last month is that it works fine and then out of the blue when it is trying to open a new character record or if you are modifying one the spinning beach ball appears and it could take 45 seconds to resolve.  Most of the time it does resolve but in rare events it closes or crashes the record or program and it has done this to random clients or myself when accessing. Also sometimes when clicking on the network address the files are not there but then will reappear when you try again.


I personally think the hardware is starting to show signs of its age and am thinking of upgrading the existing hardware or getting some new hardware.  Eventually I will upgrade everything to Filemaker 17 Pro with 8 clients licenses and Filemaker Server 17 but for now the system is working and I would like to ask people's opinions on upgrade options to keep the current system running. What are people's thoughts about SSD versus regular, how much memory should I have the server allocated for?  Do I really need 4 cores instead of the 2 it has been running on?  Is a clean install a good idea?  Etc.  Mac based suggestions please if you can.



Any thoughts or advice?