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Go to Portal Row / pause step Quirk.

Question asked by badmonkey842 on Sep 28, 2018
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I am trying to resolve a minor annoyance related to portal row navigation and experienced an odd behavior that is less than desirable.  In summary, user interface layout involving a "Selection" and  "Child Record" portal. Where a user  selects the record  from the selection portal that triggers a script. this script  creates/adds that record ID to the child table.  everything is fine except that after the script finishes the child portal returns the user to the first record. I want it to navigate to the last record.  The Child/BatchPortal is sorted by a sortOrder field where the user needs to see the "last" entry in the portal list to determine the next record to add.  (Ascending order is preferred)



this does not returns BatchPortal's scroll bar position to last record and is reset to first row:


but adding a unreasonably small "pause" makes the desired outcome work correctly at the expense of a noticeable delay to the user when the pause step is executed. I intentionally made the pause time unreasonable small to show that it should not be noticeable to the user, but it does force the  hour glass and "Esc" icon to appear (does not appear in 1st example). So the execution of the pause step appears to take longer than the pause itself, but that delay is needed to re-render the "go to portal row: last" step correctly.





I have tried a handful of variations including new windows vs  same window navigation, & changing the order of operations. even added a few script steps that do nothing to create the delay needed, but nothing lessen the annoyance


ideas or workarounds?