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parsing error in xml file

Question asked by TomPingel on Sep 29, 2018

Has something changed?


In 2 different applications I - and my clients - are suddenly getting 718 errors - error in parsing - when importing an xml file where the script, the xml file, and the xslt file have not been modified in more than a DECADE!  These errors occur in Windows 7, Windows 10 and Mac High Sierra.


I heard about it from a client in each of the applications for the first time today, and then verified it on my computer. Since I did not hear before today, I am assuming that something changed quite recently.


Both reporting clients are using my application as runtimes. I verified it is occurring both in the source code and runtime


The errors are occurring in FM15. I have not installed any FM updates recently nor have I recently published updates for the applications in which my clients are experiencing errors.


Because none of the source code or the xml/xslt files has changed in more than a decade (that's right - 10 years), I can't imagine what might be happening.


Can anybody offer some insight?