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Limit certain users to set of layouts

Question asked by gregstock on Sep 30, 2018
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Hi Folks, Im using FMPro17 and will later maybe implement Webdirect.  I am using the FM User Security to set up users and access.  I have now set up a Startup Table that stores the User, role, logintime and Date etc so that I can use it in data entry.  The application is getting large (for me anyway). It was started in FM10 and has been converted to FM17 and maybe suffers from FM10 limitations and my experience. It now has about 70 layouts.

The database is kinda : Tables (Flow1) Projects>Requests>Labwork>Invoices<Clients<Pricelists

Clients that are on many projects and have many "accounts" who generate requests for labwork. Labwork Pricelists have versions of pricecodes so Invoices are based on labwork on a pricecode version.  Flow(2)Quote/estimates  are a parallel workflow to flow(1). The main Tables obviously have layouts for certain jobs or display purposes and make up the Menus.


Our users are basically in 2 roles, "Adminstaff" and "Labstaff" but all are identified by their UserID, Name, Labsite and Role etc.   The Admin need access to all areas as they alone will create new Projects, Clients, Invoices and maybe Requests as they receive them from reseachers etc.

The Labguys will basically "only" have to maybe Create a Request, but mainly enter their labwork. They can edit/add work done or in progress.


My question is - how can I restrict and/or direct Labstaff to only those layouts that are key to their task.

I have a Startup screen and continue script that capture staff details into a Global userTable.I am thinking of adding maybe a set of AllowedLayouts somehow in the Startup - but Im not sure how to do that.

Reason - I do not want to do this directly at the Menubar by checking each and every MenuButton for a UserRole.

I am already exploring a Hamburger/Card menu as maintaining the menu structure across all these layouts is already a monster.


Im not a power developer and have not really done much with FM since FM5...... nuffsaid.

So please be clear with any hints or suggestions.

Thanks Heaps