Trying to wrap my head around Mollie's Payment Integration

Discussion created by vindauga on Sep 29, 2018
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Hi folks!

Goodmorning to everyone.


I would like to start a topic here to discuss a payment integration into my Filemaker solution.

I'm using FMA17 and FM cloud 17.

What I am trying to do is integrate Mollie (which is a Dutch competitor for Stripe) into my Filemaker solution.

Why Mollie and not Stripe? Because I'm using my FM solution in Belgium and the payments options they offer suit businesses here more then what Stripe offers.


So what I want to build:


- My FM solution currently generates an invoice automatically in .PDF format.

- I want to send an email to the customer automatically with the .PDF in attachment.


So far so good, that is something which I fully understand and can build.

The problematic part is the following...


- In that email the customer should receive a 'pay now' button or weblink.

- When the button 'pay now' is clicked there should be a 'POST' create payment request send to the Mollie Payment API. The POST should have the correct CURL options with amount, description and currency.

- This would on its turn generate a payment which expires within 15 minutes. It would also respond a unique payment URL back where the customer can checkout with his preffered payment method.

- After payment is successfull the client gets redirected to a 'payment successfull' page with payment details on it.

- And the FM solution should import the payment status and change it dynamically into a listview (PAID/UNPAID)


Now that's what I understand, from Mollie's documentation, is the workflow.

But how do you build something like this? For instance I know now how to do the POST request with the CURL options. But how do you make a pay now button generate an adaptive POST request?

I understand some parts of it but I'm also quite lost in space here.

Could someone try to help me understand my problem and guide me a bit through this?


Getting this payment solution working is very important to me.

So your input and time is very much appreciated!