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The Business of Security

Question asked by shblackwell on Oct 1, 2018
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As if we were really to need any reminders, events of the past week starkly demonstrate the centrality of Information Security to companies in many different industries and of many different sizes. Clearly, the purpose of security is to protect businesses against a wide range of liabilities, to forestall excessive zealous government regulatory actions, to maintain customer or client trust, and to assure continuity and existence of the business operation.

Uber, FaceBook, Google, and Amazon—to name but a few—all faced unwanted and undesirable scrutiny:

    • Uber paid a $150 million dollar settlement as a result of a data breach that compromised customers’ information.
    • FaceBook suffered a breach of a large number of Accounts, by some reports 50 million, by other reports, 90 million. Fines from the European Union alone as a result of this breach are expected to exceed $1.5 billion according to news reports.
    • State-level Attorneys General from some 15 states met at the U.S. Justice Department with Federal officials to discuss institution of new regulatory requirements for “Big Tech” companies including the three referenced here.
    • Executives of more “Big Tech” companies, notably Google, appeared before Congressional committees to defend privacy and data-protection practices.


And here is the big concerning element:  these companies can all afford to defend themselves. What of small and medium sized businesses, the very type businesses that may well rely on the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform for business management?

If we are careless with the design of security structures in our solutions, if we get taken with a “Case of the Clevers” as the late Tom Clancy called it, and then there is an otherwise avoidable breach, what then happens to our clients? Can they remain in business?

FileMaker Platform security needs to be an integral part of the planning and design process for our solutions for clients from the very start. Their business continuity depends on it. Our professional reputations depend on it. FileMaker, Inc.’s reputation depends on it. This is the Business of Security.


Steven H. Blackwell

Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance