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Odd "full access" account behavior when editing schema etc

Question asked by ErichWetzel on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by shblackwell

I have found an odd issue that has been going on for years but I have never posted because it is not a really big deal. Slightly annoying at the time that it happens.


We are currently running FileMaker Server on MacOS 10.13.5. FMS connects to our Open Directory on a separate MacOS machine running All permissions for Open Directory users are handled properly within FileMaker for database usage and have been for as long as we have been using this OD setup (decades).


The odd behavior comes up when using a full-access account from Open Directory to edit anything in the schema of the database. I can log in with an OD-full-access account to get into the schema. However, on exiting / committing changes when FileMaker requests a "full-access" user again, it will no longer accept the OD-full-access user that was used to login and will only take a full-access user credential that is stored in the database itself.


Thoughts on whether or not this is a bug or a feature?