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Bug with decimal separator

Question asked by el_pablo on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by TSGal

Hi guys,


I noticed a bug about decimal separator.



The decimal separator changes when a field is or is not in focus. I have attached two screen captures. Take a look at the values when in focus and when not. This seems to be a bug.


I noticed this one, when deploying a working solution to one of my customers.


So here's the long story :


My solution uses the system regional settings for numbers, dates, etc.


My workstation uses the comma "," as the decimal separator, but some clients are using the dot ".". My solution import CSV from different systems depending on the customer. They use two different number formats to import CSV. Some use "," and others "." which depends on the output of their accounting system. And on which I don't have control.


When importing CSV, my script managed to find the right system separator. And it used to work until last week when I stumbled on this bug for a new deployment.


My script replaces all the numerical values of the imported CSV to make sure the amounts are good. E.g.: 612,63 or 612.63 is not taken has 61263.


This is the actual calculation in my script :

Middle (Evaluate (3/2); 2; 1)


Now my script is broken. How can I manage to work around this bug?


The system settings are :

  • My OS is Windows 10 Pro.
  • It is setup as English Canadian.
  • The keyboard is French (Canada) - Canadian French Keyboard.
  • Filemaker Pro Advanced (English UI)
  • Server Filemaker Server on Windows Server (I don't have the exact version and edition)