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I need a FMP 15 license key that will support data from FMP 13.

Question asked by steveskjold on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2018 by steveskjold

I have two computers and I need two separate versions of FMP in order to transfer data between them using Remote under the File menu.

One computer is up to date with FMP 17. However I have let my other computer’s version of FMP 13 lapse and now I can’t get a license key from FMP to update the software. Does anybody have an FMP 14 or 15 license key I could purchase that would support the FMP 13 platform? I have an unlicensed version of FMP 15 just waiting for the FMP 15 license key, but it has to be able to upload all my data from FMP 13 to FMP 15. Then I could purchase a license key for FMP 17 that would support data from FMP 15.