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Question asked by bruns on Oct 1, 2018
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Hello, I am stuck on a calculation.  I am using FileMaker 11.

I have a portal and I am tracking certificates.  The problem I have is some of the certificates in the portal have annual anniversary dates.


Issue date is 10/1/18

Annual date is 10/1/19

Annual date +30 is 11/31/19

Expire Date 10/1/2021

Some certificates just have Issue and expire dates.

I made the Annual date a calculation (Issue Date +365) and Annual date + 30 (Annual Date +30) so I do not have to type everytime


So I was thinking that if I made a radio button (yes, No) and said that

If radio button = "No"; Annual date and Annual Date + 30 would be blank so that the end result would be that if "NO" then the certificates with just Issue date and expire date would not have the annual and annual +30 filled in.


Any help is appreciated.