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Delete Record/Request script step from portal row

Question asked by Unirisk on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by TSGal

Hello. I am using FileMaker Pro on OS X 10.13.6. I found an important difference between FM 16 ( and FM 17.

I have built a popover menu defined through a table, where each record contains an icon and the command description. So, by putting a portal to the menu table into a popover button, I get my menu.

One of the buttons is the "Delete" button, that uses the "Delete Record/Request" script step. It's supposed to delete the current record on the current layout, and so it did till FileMaker 16. Now, with FileMaker 17, it deletes the portal row instead.

Maybe the problem is what is in focus when the "Delete Record/Request" is called. So, in my particular case, the workaround is to close the popover before the record deletion. However, if the portal is not located into a popover but directly into the layout body, a commit before the delete is a possible workaround.

I attach a sample file to better understand what I mean.

Thank you for your attention.


Federico Severin