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Do shell script stdout (run by Perform Apple Script)

Question asked by PieroF on Oct 2, 2018
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Is there a way to return the unix "standard output" of a "do shell script" to an FM field or variable ?

I use Perform Apple Script to run the "do shell script".


My specific problem.

So far I figured out the following way to search all file paths including the $name string:

"do shell script \"mdfind -name '" & $name  & "' > " & $out & "\""

It works and returns a list of found paths into the text file $out. I can import its contents into the FM DB.

But it would be much nicer to get it directly into a field or a variable... is it possible ?


Or is there a better way, may be completely different, to get the searched file name list ?


Thanks a lot