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Using Schedule Script to Moving Data

Question asked by petery009 on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by petery009

HI Everyone

I want to moving data from one table to another table using server schedule script.

I can not using import records from table to table as far as i know from filemaker server script.

I do know i can export records from one table to a csv or excel file and then import it to another table. ( Very slow in my case at least )

I need to move about 100 fields from one table to another table . those 100 fields has some calculation fields. (that's where slowed down the process i think).

I tried loop records and set them to variables and go to another table set. (much faster than export-import, but still slower than the import records from Pro )

As one test measurements:  Pro took 13 mins. Run from server using loop approch is about 50 mins.

So what i am trying to find is a FAST way of transferring the data using server schedule script, at least the speed is closer to the import records using Filemaker pro.

Appreciated with any suggestions.