Relookup Field Contents > *GO TO* Target Field is misleading

Discussion created by mrwatson-gbs on Oct 2, 2018
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FM: In all FileMaker Versions ... maybe from v12 on.

OS: whatever

Hardware: whatever


I'm just using the Relookup Field Contents step - which I rarely use - and am very confused by it's behavior + dialog text.


The dialog options clearly indicate that, if a specific field is to be targeted, the field "Go to target field" must be specified



The wording of this option implies that a field MUST be on the layout for the step to work.

However, when on a layout which DOES NOT contain the targeted field the step still works and throws no "Field missing" error.

And when there is a field on the layout, the field is NOT brought into focus.


Problem? => Label is wrong!


The label should NOT be Go to target field, rather Specify target field - like the Replace Field Contents dialog:




This can be tested easily in the attached example file.


Note: This may well apply to other script steps, which have been disconnected from the layout-dependence, but not yet correspondingly tweaked - no more time to check.






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