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Issue with External Source via variable

Question asked by Ales on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Ales

Filemaker Pro Advanced CE + Server

Windows 7 and 10




We are using separation model for our databases. One file for UI and second for data storage. For easier usage we are using simple naming of those files eg. project.fmp12 and project_data.fmp12. Both files are stored and shared on Filemaker Server. In file project.fmp12 is defined external data source using global variable which is setup by script to project_data.fmp12. In both files we have same external accounts so user log to UI file and data is sourced automatically. Everything working as expected until user saves find results. Those saved finds are stored as user data under account and somehow disturbs that global variable used for external data source. This results that you will get error on next database open "The file "$$datafile.fmp12" could not be opened. (Not Found)". I don't really understand how it is related but it is.

This problem is affecting only user who saved his finds others are fine.




Delete saved finds