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Copy and pasting a field from an unknown number of records

Question asked by jess_ob on Oct 2, 2018
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I am a newbie and have a question about how to copy and paste one field from an X number of records from one table to new records in another table. The complication is that I do not know how many records will need to be copied and pasted (as this is dependent on the records someone ticks). I believe that I must use a Loop and Set Variable script however I am having trouble with getting those to work, likely because I did not set the parameters correctly. Essentially, I have 2 Tables and 2 Layouts. Table 1 is where I want to copy the data from Field 1. Table 2 is where I add new record(s) and paste the data from Field 1.


I need to:

(1) Filter Table 1 by the records I need copied [I'm OK with that]

(2) Loop through Table 1, copying the relevant field from the filtered records [*I get stuck here]

(3) Go to Table 2: [I'm OK with that]

(4) Loop through Table 2, create new records and paste the variables [*I get stuck here]


The reason I get stuck with steps (2) and (4) is because I don't know how many records will be selected and therefore how to name the records I copy and also how many new records to create and paste.


Hope someone can help me with the syntax of these steps when I have an unknown number of variables.


Many thanks!