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fmsadmin restart fmse not working / also unable to disconnect PSOS script in admin console

Question asked by user22648 on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by TSGal

Server 17.0.2 on Windows 2012 Server - updated on 9/22 from 16 Server - now twice have had complete lock up forcing a restart of the server, fmsadmin restart fmse failed to work - as did disconnecting the PSOS processes on the server admin console which were all locking up and at over 48 - see screen shot and logs here:

Dropbox -


We are weighing a return to 16 if this comes up again, as we were not having any such issues on 16.0.4 Server.


130 concurrent connections from a mix of 17.0.2 and 16.0.5 Mac/Windows clients.


Important note: the sub_Update Mytime script for simpsona showing clearly in the screenshot below on the console does NOT show up at all in the topcall log!




Screenshot 2018-10-02 12.03.03.png