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Can Filemaker create a way of auto printing email attachments?

Question asked by redfish_matt on Oct 2, 2018
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There could be any number of possible solutions to this problem, but I am asking specifically if there is a way that Filemaker could be set up to automatically receive attached documents from email and then automatically print those attachments on a printer in the same network.


The background to this--- We have a group of vendors that send us PDF files (upwards of 20-40 per day) via email that we need to print out. Obviously that's tedious. So we have been looking for ways to make these things auto-print (again, only from certain trusted email addresses..... clearly we do not want just "any random" attachment to print).


The email domain is Google (gmail) but we may also tie in a few others like iCloud or whatever.



The obvious solution SHOULD be to just set up a filter in Gmail that is basically to filter things from those addresses and "Has:attachment" and forward them to the printer's eprint email address. The major FAIL here is that the printer's manufacturer automatically rejects anything that is an automatic forward. I can manually forward them to the e-print, and it works, but that's even more tedious than clicking "print".


So, is there a way the Filemaker could perhaps be built as a sort of "email client" and then automatically print attached PDFs?


Also, yes, I've tried Thunderbird. Google treats Thunderbird clients as spam, and blocks it.