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Dropdowns and popups stopped working suddenly

Question asked by jvagla on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by jvagla

I was searching for something similar in this forum but did not find anything recent...


I was just doing development and suddenly all popups and dropdowns stopped working in a way that value of the field did not change. I could still access the field and see the value list, but selecting one did not change the value.


Then I started to solve this:

- Reopen fm-file: not working still

- Close and open FMPA 17: not working still

- Reopen fm-file in FMP 16: not working still

- Open another fm-file and test if the problem persists in another file: yep, it's not working anywhere


- Reboot computer: everything works again!



Mac 10.13.6, FMPA 17 (and FMPA 16 as well)