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Find records with empty fields in a portal

Question asked by dclark2112 on Oct 3, 2018
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I have a portal showing related Contract records in my Clients layout. Everything looks good, I can add/edit/delete, sort, whatever. I'm trying to use a Find to show me just the records in the portal where a particular date field is empty. I'm quite new, but I figured starting a Find request and putting either = or == in that particular field would do the trick. It doesn't, it returns all records every time, empty or not. If I create an entirely new, plain, stand-alone layout of that Contracts table and perform the Find there it works like a champ. I feel like I've read a bunch of posts that are close to what I'm asking but not exactly. I just need a way to, on command, filter the portal records down to just those with blank (termination) date fields, but so far it's not working as I expected.  I come from MS Access, where I have more experience and could probably make it work, but I'm new to FileMaker.  Thanks.