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Problems hiding objects

Question asked by nikomarsic on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by nikomarsic

Hi y'all!


I'm trying to Hide a Checkbox Set based on the status of a global variable. It sort of works but not entirley. I thought the easiest way to show you what I'm (not) doing is through pictures. I use a toggle button bar (FileMakerThemes) and have an associated global variable ($$ONExternalFactors) which I'm using in the "Hide object when" field. The calculations there is defined as "$$ONExternalFactors" and "not $$ONExternalFactors", respectively.


I also have a script triggered when selecting the toggle button:


FEP categories Popover 1.png


This works fine as long as I only use the toggle button:

FEP categories Popover 2.png

However, if I select/deselect any of the checkboxes like:

FEP categories Popover 3.png

Somehow the checkbox does not respond to the toggle button if I switch External Factors OFF:

FEP categories Popover 4.png

I made to show/hide trick using a doubled set of text boxes, backgorund boxes and checkboxes, which can be seen if I separate them:

FEP categories Popover 5.png

Two of these three components react to the toggle button, but not the checkbox:

FEP categories Popover 6.png

The strange (for me at least) thing is that if I cklick anywhere outside of the checkbox, it disappeares. It seem to be losing fucus somehow. When I then continue to toggle the button, the checkbox set works again as expected. But only until I touch any of the checkboxes.


Any clues? anything I can use to force the checkbox to read the global variable?


I have tried all sorts of "OnObject*" things and everything else I could think of. No joy...



Thanks all and Cheers!


Niko Marsic (needless to say Beginner)