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Again re mounted drives not visible -- but slightly different situation

Question asked by on Oct 3, 2018
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This question is similar to that which was asked in the thread numbered 781451, but we are having the problem even when not running a script, so we can take that piece out of it. This is a situation that has suddenly appeared only on one workstation -- which is to say it has been working fine for, literally, years and now, suddenly, the mounted drives cannot be located from within FileMaker when any Open File Dialog box is activated. We are working on Windows 10 with FileMaker 14 (yes, yes, we have a plan to upgrade as soon as possible, but that's where we are now).


Screen shot #1 shows the view from the Windows 10 File Explorer. Clearly, one can see access to -- critically, for this particular situation -- drive F:.


However, if I navigate in FileMaker to File>Import Records>File, I see what's in Screen shot #2 -- no visibility to the F: drive, even when clicking on the "Network" option.


Why, oh why? Yes, we've restarted the machine. Yes, we're running FileMaker with administrative privileges (although before when this was working just fine we never had to, so I don't think this is the issue). Our IT is pretty locked down, so we're unable to unmount and remount the drives on this workstation without the help of the IT folks, but if that sounds like a good option, I could bring them in to try that.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback/input!