Sharing Filemaker File

Discussion created by davinator on Oct 3, 2018
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Dear all,

after a very nice trial period of File Maker it is now time to buy it. Unfortunately the phone help given by the FIlemaker Service was not enough exaustive, so I am asking here a very famous question, I hope you can help me.


We have 3 computer which would like to simultaneously access to the same Filemaker file.

This file is located on a NAS which is clearly visibile from the three PCs, via LAN.

THe Filemaker expert told me to buy a server, host the filemaker program and share it. But I have read somewhere that it could be possible to :

1) One computer opens the file.

2) Once the file is opened, it is visible to the other computers, in sharing mode.


Am I missing something ? Am I forced to buy a server and host FM server ? THis would be $$$, of course, but since I don't have millions of PCs connected, why would I need a so advanced system ?

Thanks in advance guys !!!