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Question asked by timfros1 on Oct 3, 2018
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Good morning,


Newer, amateur, developer here...I need some help figuring out a calculation.  We are using FMP to track student tardies in our school and I need use a timestamp to return a class period.


For example:

1st Period Time Frame 7:00am - 7:59am (I would need the calculation to read any timestamp between that time frame and return the value of 1st Period)...


2nd Period Time Frame 8:05am - 8:54am (return the value of 2nd period, etc..)


I then am looking to summarize the number of tardy notations by class I would need to display the student has 6 notations in the 1st period time frame, 0 notations in the 2nd period, 4 notation in 3rd period, etc...


Any help that can be provided would be magnificent!




Davenport, FL