Issues moving from FileMaker 15 to 16

Discussion created by msbranin on Oct 3, 2018
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We have a hosted database on FileMaker Server 16 (All macs) and we have FileMaker Pro clients connecting, all on a local network. The issue is we have some parts of the solution that you access, you have to hold the option key down and log in under the correct user and password to add records or edit the file.The issue is we can do this with the FileMaker 15 client no issue. All Works.. But when we try to do the same process under a FileMaker 16 client the file cannot be opened using the option key.  It flat will not open! But we can close FileMaker 16 and reopen FileMaker 15 and the Process works as it should. Its the same solution on the same FM server 16. It's never coming down, it simply does not work on 16 clients but does on 15 clients.



Has anyone heard of this issue and if so do you know of a workaround?