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Searching a Date Range in a Cartesian Portal?

Question asked by FM_DM on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by FM_DM

I am currently working in the process of designing a filemaker go/ pc based system for our engineers. Using the app they will log their daily start and finish times. i wanted to show this on the main system via portal which is set up as follows:


Where EngineerDaily is a table in the synctable to which the filemaker go sync. Using the cartesian join my portal which is based on the layout Engineerdaily2 with the portal to EngineerDaily can be filtered easily to show only a single engieer by name (using a tab control with a version of the portal per engineer on each tab) .

However as this will be used to see an engineers hours within specific dates I wantedto create a way to search a range of dates.

I have attempted this by creating two global fields in the EngineerDaily table - Search_Start and Search_End. I have put these on the main layout outside of the portal with a button to find the range (this refreshes the window to "refresh" the relationship). I then filtered the portal using the following relationship:


But this is not showing any results? is it because of the cartesian join? is there an easier way to go about this?


This has the filer applied and should show two records?

Please help!