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FMS 17 - External authentication configuration issue

Question asked by Ian Harris on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by TSGal

Product and version: FileMaker Server


OS and version: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, 10.0.14393 N/A Build 14393


Description: Attempting to configure External Accounts for Admin Console Sign In fails with the error "Enter a valid group name" when the FileMaker Server host machine belongs to a different subnet than the domain's domain controllers.


Other troubleshooting details:

* I joined the host machine to the domain without issue.

* Pings to the fully qualified domain name (fqdn) receive consistent replies from a domain controller.

* I successfully configured a test IIS site on the host machine with Windows Authentication.

* I can authenticate to both the host machine and the test IIS site using domain credentials.

* Prefixing the group name with the domain's NetBIOS name and a backslash results in the same error.

* Appending @fqdn to the group name results in the same error.


How to replicate: Place your domain controllers in one subnet, e.g., and the machine that will host FileMaker Server 17 in another subnet, e.g. Configure the necessary routes between the subnets, update the DNS server settings on the FMS host machine, then join it to the domain. Install FileMaker Server 17, then attempt to configure External Accounts for Admin Console Sign In using a group in the domain.


Workaround (if any): Place FileMaker Server 17 host machines in the same subnet as your domain controllers.