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How do I invoke the FMDataMigration tool in terminal?

Question asked by JeffHough on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by PeterDoern

It must have been a long day or I am missing something... I downloaded the FMDataMigration CML, opened terminal and (following the users guide) tried to migrate data from the source file to the clone. I get the following error message:


FMDataMigration: command not found


I had navigated, in terminal, to the directory that contains the FMDataMigration tool. Then I run the following command:


FMDataMigration -src_path app_data.fmp12 -clone_path app_data TEST.fmp12 -v -src_account Admin -src_pwd foobar -clone_account Admin -clone_pwd foobar


The returned message is: "FMDataMigration: command not found"


What am I missing? I checked System Preferences...>Security & Privacy. There was a message requesting authorization to run the application. I granted it.