Remote users unable to see pdf in interactive container.

Discussion created by kungfufishstick on Oct 4, 2018
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I have been reading through a lot of discussions on here to build a new database. I got everything working except for displaying pdf files in an interactive container for the remote users.


We have our server running Windows Server 2016 hosting Filemaker Server 17 for users accessing the databases using Filemaker Pro Advanced 17. Not sure if it is important to note, but we have Filemaker Server running on the C: drive of the server and I have the other hard drive set up as the D: drive for sharing our past scanned jobs on the local network. I wanted to make a database that allows users to easily look up a particular job number, or range of job numbers, especially for our remote users. Currently they need to call to the main office and request the scanned job.


All of our past databases have been converted and are showing up properly for local and remote users, except for this new database that has pdf files in an interactive container.


I have ensured that there are inbound/outbound rules on the server for ports 80 and 443. I have also made sure the rules and port forwarding are correctly set up on the router. For the router there are access rules set up for TCP/UDP on ports 5003, 5300, 5353, 16000 following the rules that were originally set up by the past admin for our old Filemaker 8 server.


I have tried adding pdfs directly to the database, storing container data externally secure storage, storing container data externally open storage, and ensure the proper set up of the additional database folder container data folder path.


The pdf files display properly for users on the local network. The remote users can see all information within the database but cannot see the pdf within the interactive container. A remote user on a PC with Windows 10 will see the following:


pdf interactive container remote.png


If they press the preview button they will see:

pdf interactive container preview.png


Any help will be greatly appreciated.