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New to FileMaker- What do I need?

Question asked by sri660 on Oct 4, 2018
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I work for a consulting firm, and one of my clients has asked me to update their price comparison model. In the original model, users could specify distribution points, costs, and two different methods for shipping their product. The model was essentially a big fancy calculator that considered all inputs and compared the cost of shipping a product using the different shipping methods. The original model was created in 2001 using FileMaker 5 and downloaded onto a CD-ROM that the client gave to users. Each user had their own version of the model in which they could create and save various scenarios, but information was not shared across users (i.e. User A could not see the inputs of User B).


As part of a larger project, my client has asked me to update this model using FileMaker Pro Advanced 17. I would like to recreate a generic version of the app and then share it with multiple users. However, I would like to retain the privacy that users had with the CD-ROM version; I do not want User A to be able to see the inputs of User B. I also would like users to be able to save scenarios. It is important to note that my users will not be sharing a local area network. In fact, my users will most likely be from different companies around the country and may in fact be competitors on some level; they do not want to share their pricing estimates with one another, so privacy and individuality is important. Essentially, I want each user to have their own unique version of the app unconnected to any other user.


How can I do this using FileMaker? What tools/products do I need to purchase for me and my team as developers? Once I create my generic app, how do I share it with users? Is it possible to download the app onto a CD-ROM or flashdrive to give to users (even though this is not a very modern way of sharing)?  What products do my users need in order to access my app? I understand I will most likely need to purchase either FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud to host my app; are there any recommendations as to which service I should use?