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Updating non-related but temporarily identical fields

Question asked by techt on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2018 by philmodjunk

I've tried various relationships, Lookups, auto-calcs, and I just can't get where we want to be, short of creating a bunch of script triggers. I thought I'd ask and see if might be missing a better answer.


Two sets of addresses, one on the student record and the other on their yearly school record. So, during the school year, the yearly record has a status of active, previous years are marked complete. If we change the address on the student record, we want the yearly record updated, and vice versa. Once the year is complete, we mark the school record complete and no further updates to the school record are allowed.


So I can't use a related field as it will continue to update across all school records (unless I want to build a duplicate layout for active records). Using calculated fields for the address aren't editable. I was hoping to avoid a bunch of script triggers, so I'm hoping someone has a better idea. I did think about using a card (since this isn't WebD) and have it update the alternate record as long as it is active.


Looking forward to some other ideas. Thanks in advance!