FileMaker application slow performance

Discussion created by on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Jason Wood

We have developed a multi-file  application for a client.

The application has evolved over the years in terms of complexity and functionality  and has  many calculation fields to meet the requirements. The application was initially created in FM 8.5 version and currently  running on FileMaker Server 16 and FileMaker Pro 15 Client.

There are several  server side script schedulers, of which one is running every 3 mins and some running after every 15 mins, some are once a week.


The overall number of records created per month across a file is approximately 30 parent records with child records varying from 2 to 100/150. In future, the number of items per parent record is expected to increase  500.


Recently the client has reported performance issues related to some areas.

The hosting provider suggests that  the schedulers can be the bottleneck, especially the one running every 3 minutes. However I need the scheduler to update inventory  and avoid unstored calculation fields.

Sometimes we have also faced performance issue (not too much but some delay) when no schedulers are running and when not much unstored calculations are involved.


What possible alternative solutions could  address this performance issue? I thought we could create a crone job in php and perform the script to update data instead of scheduler, but am not completely sure whether that would help.

Any help would be appreciated.