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Relationship with Key and Date

Question asked by Wicktor on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by philmodjunk


The students database is structured as follows:

Students -------- (key)---<TestsLevel_1

                -------- (key)---<TestsLevel_2

                -------- (key)---<TestsLevel_3

                 etc for a total of 12 TestsLevel


In almost all layouts I need to view (and sometimes edit) specific values from other TestsLevel that are performed on same Date.

This would means that I should add a Table occurrence of each TestsLevel to other each TestsLevel, like:

Students -------- (key)---<TestsLevel_1>-----(key/date)---- TestsLevel_2

                                                              >-----(key/date)---- TestsLevel_3

                                                              >-----(key/date)---- TestsLevel_4

                                                             and so on for each table


Which would produce a monster graphic relationship.

Is there a better technique to be used ?

Many thanks,