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Opening PDFs in Web Viewer

Question asked by leeair on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by user19752

The system default application for opening .PDF files is set to Foxit Reader. I am using Foxit Reader instead of the Adobe Acrobat DC because the PDFs would randomly show in the Web Viewer with the right side bar open and I cannot see the PDF. I have attached a sample. I have to repeatedly close and re-open FileMaker or restart the computer to get the PDFs to open correctly again.  I have spent consider time researching and attempting to stop the side bar from opening but have been unsuccessful.


I installed the Foxit Reader and it was working great. However, randomly FileMaker has reverted to opening the PDFs using Adobe Acrobat DC. I have attempted restarting the computer, changing the default PDF application back and forth with Foxit and Acrobat, re-creating the web viewer, yet the PDFs are still opening with Acrobat. How is FileMaker stuck on Acrobat?


Thank you!