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Default modification tracking fields not populating

Question asked by BenKreunen on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by BenKreunen

I'm getting some weird behaviour with the default fields "ModificationTimestamp" and "ModifiedBy" no longer auto-populating and thus throwing validation errors when someone attempts to modify a record. The first error that pops up is:

"ModificationTimestamp" is defined to require a value but is not available on this layout. Use another layout to assign this field


  • The database is hosted on Server 16 but edited in Filemaker 17 (0.2.205).... and was working fine before.
  • Opening a backup file locally exhibits the same issue
  • Recovering the file had no effect
  • If I add a new table the fields work fine. If I copy the fields from the new table to the old ones it fails.
  • Users have Data Entry privileges and also occurs with Full Access privileges
  • Affects multiple tables in the database
  • Occurs on new layouts created for the existing tables
  • Placing the field on the layout still generates a validation error as the field remains empty
  • The layouts are set to save changes automatically


Anyone have any ideas on what I should be looking for?