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AutoEnter Calculation based on another field being edited

Question asked by johnbuckingham on Oct 5, 2018
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I'm wanting to dynamically recalculate fields, based on whether another field has been edited. In this particular case, it is to do with a Tax calculation.


For example, with three fields, 'nett', 'rate' & 'gross'; when the nett value is modified, I'd like the gross to recalculate as nett * ( 1 + rate). When the gross is edited, I'd like the nett to auto-recalculate as gross / ( 1 + rate).


From the dim and distant past, probably at least 15 years ago, I recall using an auto-enter calculation along the lines of gross = 'if ( nett ; nett * ( 1 + rate) ; gross )' where the 'if ( nett' element of the auto-enter detected that the nett field was being edited and so recalculated the gross.


The method did not rely on script triggers, or using 'get (activeFieldName)' etc, if I recall correctly. I could make it work using one of other of those techniques, but what was so attractive about the method was that it worked at a low level - even in a portal.


I often use the 'if ( field ;' calculation to detect if a particular field has been edited and update a 'trace' field as to who, when and what for debugging, and it works just fine - but I can't seem to make it do what I want in this case.


Any assistance will be gratefully received


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