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Event.log in since El Capitan, splits each entry over two lines.  So hard to read.

Question asked by DavidThorp on Oct 4, 2018
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Prior to Sierra, each entry in FileMaker Server's event.log appeared in as one line.  Since Sierra, it splits each entry over two lines and it's so much harder to read.


I've just posted feedback to Apple about it, in case it's a macOS issue only, but I'm also asking about it here in case it's a FMS issue somehow.


Two screen shots attached.  Take a look at them both and see which one's easier to read and follow:

  • "Old and Good" is from the that came with El Capitan (macOS 10.11).
  • "New and Bad" is from the that comes with Mojave (macOS 10.14).  ("New and Bad" is how it looks in all versions of from macOS 10.12 to 10.14.)


Just a couple of other thoughts:

  • I don't know if this is a FileMaker Server issue or a Mac issue.  I'm guessing it's a combination of both, because I don't have this problem with any other app's logs, but it's also tied very closely to macOS versions.
  • Looking at the text in the log using BBEDit and it's Show Invisibles feature, there doesn't seem to be any special character where the line break is happening.  So I can't think how is deciding where the break should be.
  • It's not a window width vs line length issue. I've opened this on my 5K display at 8K resolution (yes everything is fuzzy and tiny but it illustrates the principle).  There's plenty of space on the right hand side that each line could extend out to without needing to wrap but that space is all empty.
  • This appears to be entirely irrelevant to the version of FMS.  I've nearly always used the latest version of macOS and FMS at any given time, and since this issue started happening in Sierra, I tried it with a couple of previous versions of FMS at that time and every version since on each version of macOS.  If it's a FMS issue, it's every version of FMS.


Is this just me?  Or have others found this too? 

Can anyone at FMI comment on this? 

Can anyone at FMI do something about it, or is this entirely an Apple problem?







For each version of Sierra and High Sierra I just got around this by simply replacing the with one copied from El Capitan.  That worked ok until now.  Obviously that version of doesn't work in dark mode, and so now the issue is more annoying. 

- Do I choose impossibly difficult to read dual line per entry current in dark mode?

- Or do I keep using the 10.11 which I can read, but get blinded every time I open it up because it's white while my eyes are used to everything else being dark.  lol. 

- Or do I give up on dark mode entirely just because of this issue?

All three options suck.


Maybe... Does anyone know of any kind of alternative Console/log viewer application?  I've tried a few third party ones I've found but none of the have the "Now" mode that Apple's has.  That's kinda essential to me.




UPDATE about 3 hours later:  I've added a third screenshot -- what it looks like in BBEdit.  Note the triangle between each column, which I understand to be BBEdit's display of the tab character.